Photographer / Vincent Westerweel (1967)

It's in the blood. Growing up between the cameras,lenses and contactsheets of his father Pim, Vincent is inspired by the older generations of street- and travel photographers.
Vincent: "In my work I try to keep as close as possible to the original shot, despite the fact that nowadays I have  near endless gigabytes of 'film' I still shoot as if I'm on the last few shots on my last roll of film. In a way it forces me to be focused on whatever is happening in front of my lense. Observing and then capturing the moment always is a beautiful experience".

'My India' is one of his documentaries. It's a visual story about a long journey through Rajasthan. Rather than setting off with a preconceived idea about what the story was going to be, he let intuition and chance take the reins, let the story come to him instead of chasing a plan.
It resulted in a documentary showing not only the enormous challenges India is facing, but the incredible energy and positivity of the people aswell. All clichés are confirmed ánd debunked.
Amongst others he worked on commission for: Z-netwerk, War Child, Alberdingk Thijm College, KadeRock, Ticket for Tibet, Friction Ghana and Theatre Group ZEST.
Previous exhibitions: 2008 'Lost House' at the Vintage Photo gallery, 2017 Índia walk with me", Festival OFF at Naarden, 2017 "My India', At the Bijlmer Park Theater Amsterdam and at De Mess Naarden, 2019 "Timeless,Perpetual' Festival OFF Naarden.

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