Freddy Heineken. On the background portrait of his grandmother - Amsterdam October 26  1991 - © Pim Westerweel (1936)

When number 5 rang the bell at the Pentagon office on the Tweede Weteringplantsoen, the door did not open, but a man behind me approached me. When asked what I came to do, I said I had an appointment with Mr Heineken. Through his walky talky, contact was made with the inside of the building. I realized that I was standing on the spot where more than 8.5 years ago Freddy Heineken and his driver Ab Doderer were overpowered by Willem Holleeder, Cor van Hout and associates. The journalist was already inside and when I entered Heineken looked at me diagonally and asked if he could guess which zodiac sign I had. He guessed correctly and she said he was a scorpion himself. Later I realized that all my antecedents had already been checked before this appointment. A week after placing the portraits in the interview, I received a call from Heineken. He liked the pictures so much that he wanted to pick some out. We made an appointment for Thursday evening in my studio. He had to be in the sound studio of Bolland and Bolland in Blaricum that evening because he wanted to be with Laura Fygi's recordings. Yes, he liked beautiful women. Wednesday evening a big guy rang at our door. It was the Heineken driver who "just came to see how he had to drive tomorrow night". The next evening two blinded cars entered our path. Heineken was accompanied by an art director from the advertising agency Prad (a female of course) and three men. It was freezing cold and I wanted to let the men in, but I didn't have to. Where those men have been all this time is still a mystery to me, but we had a drink for 2 hours and talked about photography, because he was a real photo enthusiast. When he saw my Hasselblatt equipment he said: "It's nice, but it's so expensive". He asked if I was married and if he could see my wife then. I left it in the living room and introduced it to Erna, my wife. He looked over his glasses and nodded approvingly. At 8am he left the door and at 10am his driver was at the door again with a big green box with a big white "H" on it. That box contained 1 bottle of all the drinks sold by the group Heineken.

Pim Westerweel