Picture>Story nr. 16 - Chocolate Menta Mastic 1976

Chocolate Menta Mastik – Hooge Vuursche Baarn – April 6, 1976

Eurovision Song Contest 1976. Phonogram had his eye on the Israeli girl group “Chocolate Menta Mastik” who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in The Hague. There had to be a record out of it! Of course, swift action had to be taken before they would return to Israel. The song 'Emor shalom' (say hello) with which she placed 6th was renamed 'Say Hello'. A photo session for the cover also had to be made urgently. The weather was nice and the girls had an extensive wardrobe that was changed 3 times during the session. After 5 rolls of 6x6 film I had enough and afterwards I happily let myself be photographed between the ladies before I said "Hello" to them and flew back to Israel. Later I noticed that the photos from this session have been used for 7 different covers in various countries.

Pim Westerweel