Picture>Story No. 17 - 46th Birthday Liesbeth List 12-12-1987

Liesbeth 12-12-1987

Today Liesbeth would have turned 80!! I will not easily forget her 46th birthday. It was December 12, 1987. I had to do a photo shoot of both for the production company for books, LPs and publicity. Liesbeth drove Ramses from Amsterdam to my Naarden studio. The photos of Ramses from this 'photoshoot' have been used for :  'Dying of happiness', 'And then', 'Only if you seduce me', 'The book Sweetheart', 'You are so dear to me', 'We will continue '. It's the first time I've created so many covers from one session! After the shoot, the three of us opened a bottle of wine to celebrate Liesbeth's 46th birthday.

Pim Westerweel