Hans Wiegel – Binnenhof The Hague June 23, 1993

How could I better portray Hans Wiegel for the cover of Jan Hoedeman's book: 'Hans Wiegel and the game for power'.
Where is power determined in the Netherlands?
That's in politics.
Where is the politics?
In The Hague.
And where is the supreme boss?
Right, in the turret where he would have liked to sit.
In 2015, I was on holiday in Madeira with my wife Erna and I saw him sitting with a friend on a terrace.
Afterwards she said to me: “Look, there is Hans Wiegel”.

He had obviously heard and raised his hand.
We walked up to him and shook his hand.

When I reminded him of the above story he said: “Yes now I see, but then you were much darker”

Pim Westerweel